1 236x300 AboutHi! My name is Suzanne. If you’re like me who simply have to tinker with pots and pans, nuts about cooking and baking when in the kitchen and going even wilder thinking of creative and never-before-tried ways of making my home just a little bit more interesting … then, here’s an invite for you to join me here at  Cooking With Your Toaster Oven.

I’ll have to confess though … when I started this site, almost 3 years ago, I was mostly confined to the idea of putting our traditional toaster oven to full use. I imposed on myself the objective of giving women (men too) a real close look at practically all types and brands of toaster ovens, researched and reviewed their features and costs and dug deeper into how one can use them in our everyday cooking, hence the title.

Along the way, however, probably egged-on by comments of readers and a natural, cat-like curiosity, I found myself being drawn into the other parts of the home.  I found myself moving from baking recipes and ideas on cooking with your toaster oven to looking at a lampshade in a different light or crafting designs for unique candle holders using whatever materials you’ll ordinarily find in most homes. A lot of times, I go on some sort of a search mission looking for tips and creating or marrying ideas that can spin off to something new or something improved for the bedroom, the living or dining rooms or even for the bathroom.  These would touch on looks, functionality or uniqueness of items or of the rooms themselves.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m neither a Hollywood chef who’d prepare dinner for kings and princes nor a fancy, highly-paid designer who gets commissioned by the rich and famous to work on their plushy houses in upscale areas of the country. First and foremost, I am a homemaker who loves to bake, cook, try recipes, look into various items as gifts and presents, explore nooks and corners of the house and create ideas on how to make them truly a part of my home and not one, lonely spot where you park the vacuum cleaner. I continue to have fun learning and researching new things and new ways. I’ve been doing this for years and it gives me lots of pleasure to be able to share these delightful discoveries with you. It tickles me to realize that most of the time the most beautiful, seemingly complex ideas or recipes aren’t really all that hard to do.

I have this funny feeling that I’m not all that different from you. Deep down, I think we have that “sense of joy” being a homemaker, a role we simply love to play. That being said, dabble into my site and discover things and ideas inspired by this sisterly bond and culled from years of continuing research.

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See you around!




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