Buying Cured Pork

Pork may be purchased fresh or cured, the latter being accomplishedcured prok Buying Cured Pork by a process combining heat salt and sodium nitrate. Curing alters the flavor and color of the meat, so that the meat retains its reddish color during cooking.

When buying and preparing cured pork products, it is important to read the label carefully to determine whether or not the item has been pre cooked or not. If it has, the cooking time will be shorter because it is only necessary to reheat the meat. In contrast, cure pork that has not been pre cooked needs to be reheated until the interior temperature reaches 160 F to avoid the possibility of viable Trichinella spiralis bacteria in the meat.

Cured hams may be purchased at the meat display and are also available canned. Canned hams commonly require refrigeration because they have not been heated to a high enough temperature during canning to endure the safe storage in room temperature.

Bacon is a cured pork product that is popular particularly on breakfast menus and sandwiches. The choice between thick or thin slices is a matter of individual preferences. You need to now the weight of individual packages when comparing prices between brands.

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