Everyday Tips for Washing Fruits and Vegetables

Cooking With Your Toaster Oven  has observed that most people clean their vegetables by just washing them with water. Some purchase Veggie Wash, an all natural cleaner which costs around three dollars.

Here are a few tips that we would like to share with you.

Wash you hands before and after handling fresh produce.veggies 11 300x200 Everyday Tips for Washing Fruits and Vegetables

  • Rinse vegetables and fruits just before you eat them. This will keep them fresh.
  • Put your leafy green vegetables in a stainless steel bowl and wash them under cold running water.
  • For  leafy vegetables such as lettuce and cabbage, remove outer leaves first
  • Rinse them well, then drain and pat dry.
  • Vegetables and fruits such as carrots and melons need to be washed too. This prevents bacteria on the rind or peel from contaminating the food when you slice it.You can use a small brush to brush the other skin under running water and pat dry.

Or, another technique is using Vinegar! vinegar2 214x3001 Everyday Tips for Washing Fruits and Vegetables

  • Fill up your sink with water enough to cover all your
    produce. (You can also use a clean basin)
  • Pour a quarter cup of vinegar and let it sink in the sink for about five minutes.
  • When you are done, drain the water from the sink, rinse your fruits and vegetables and let it dry.

For more practical kitchen tips, always visit Cooking With Your Toaster Oven.

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