Foods That Boost Brain Function

Can the food you eat have a direct impact on brain function? The elderly2 300x199 Foods That Boost Brain Functionanswer is YES. Cooking Your Toaster Oven notes that a recent study published in the Archives Of Neurology revealed that a healthy diet can lead to lower levels of brain chemicals linked to Alzheimer’s disease, and can improve memory too.  An unhealthy diet on the other hand can increase the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s.

Here’s an overview of the food choices which help enhance brain function.

What Types Of Food Are Bad For The Brain?

The study published in the Archives of Neurology also pointed out that high saturated fat and high glycemic foods are bad for brain function.  Among the food items that are rich in saturated fat include butter, cheese and red meat.  The food items which contain high glycemic levels include bread, cake, white rice, table sugar and soft drinks.

veggies Foods That Boost Brain FunctionHealthy Food for the Brain

A healthy diet not only helps ward off Alzheimer’s disease, but also prevents memory loss and other possible cognitive impairments.  The food items that have low saturated fat and glycemic levels include most fruits and vegetables, with the exception of potatoes, brown rice and steel-cut oats.

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