Four Basic Kitchen Layouts

Cooking With Your Toaster Oven would like to share with you the 4 basic kitchen layouts:

Kitchen floor plans revolve around the triangle created by the placement of the refrigerator, sink and cooking area. Depending on the dimensions, door and window placements and shape, a kitchen may be designed as Galley, Single wall, L-shaped and U- shaped.

galley Four Basic Kitchen LayoutsGalley Kitchen: This is when the kitchen is arranged lengthwise along two walls. The two parallel long walls are the sites for the refrigerator, sink, cook top, toaster oven and counters, A good arrangement in a galley kitchen is to have the sink and refrigerator on one wall, with the cooking area along the parallel wall.

One benefit of the galley kitchen is that it is easy to shift from one working side of the kitchen to the other with a minimum steps. Unfortunately, this convenience can quickly become congestion if anybody is walking through a kitchen or trying to help the meal preparation.

single wall Four Basic Kitchen LayoutsSingle-wall Kitchen: 

The least convenient kitchen arrangement is one that allots only a single wall to locate the sink, refrigerator and cooking area. This single wall kitchen creates a single traffic lane paralleling the wall, resulting in a situation that requires a relatively large amount of walking.

L-Shaped Kitchen L shaped Four Basic Kitchen Layouts

An L-shaped kitchen is generally more efficient and pleasant to work in than either the galley or single wall kitchen. The more open feel of the kitchen space and the convenience of the work triangle that can be arranged within the L are advantages that chefs appreciate. The right angle created by the two arms of the L makes it practical to position the sink and refrigerator on one wall and the cooking area on the other,. This arrangement allows easy movement between the sink, refrigerator and cooking area.

u shaped Four Basic Kitchen LayoutsU-Shaped Kitchen: 

The easiest kitchen to work in is the U-shaped kitchen. The space for food preparation is defined by the arms of the U, and the traffic from others wandering through is restricted. In this layout, the sink, refrigerator and cooking center are arranged on different walls, forming a U.

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