Is There a Link Between Stress And Poor Nutrition?

According to our researchers here in Cooking With Your Toaster Oven, whenever a person is stressed-out, he often tends to make poor food choices.  Those who are overwhelmed by stress tend to eat the wrong types of food, consume excess alcohol and smoke a pack of cigarettes or more per day. Is there a direct link between stress and poor nutrition? Here are a few important ideas to ponder on.

snacks Is There a Link Between Stress And Poor Nutrition?Stress Can Lead To Mindless Munching

Because of the increase in the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, a stressed-out person will most likely crave for food items that are high in fat, salt and sugar.  Stress also makes the individual more prone to what’s called “emotional eating”.  Emotional eating refers to eating even if you’re not hungry. Some people who suffer from stress have been known to eat lots of junk food, and drink up to three cans of colas and carbonated fruit sodas daily.

Stress Can Make You Forget To Drink Water

Many of us who are so busy often forget to drink water.  Most workaholics tend to forget to drink water, because they drink soda or coffee instead.  Ask yourself; are you able to drink 8, or even 4 glasses of water per day?  A large majority of workaholics also eat less at home, and would rather prefer to buy their food at the fast food joint.  The downside to eating at fast foods is that they’re expensive and bad for your health too.

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