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Promise Them A Lettuce Garden

Who says you need a farmland to get your veggies? Look at this 3-tiered vertical garden. It’s just big enough to be supplying you with your lettuce and carrots everyday. Depending on your space at home, you can make this … Continue reading

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Dress Your Pooch in Style

Surprise your soon-to-be-wife. A month before your wedding, get yourself a white dog of any breed or an off-white colored Labrador. Get him close to the both of you. At the start of the big day, dress the Lab with … Continue reading

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Keeping The Laundry Area Neat And Tidy

A lot of dirty clothes generally invade the laundry area. If you don’t keep it organized and clean, it will soon emit an unpleasant odor. this idea of installing drawers between the washer and dryer should help in placing things … Continue reading


Soup And Cracker Ceramic Mugs

Soup and Cracker Ceramic Mugs, (in one easy-to-hold, combo type server) Wow! What will they think of next? Would be perfect for chocolate and chips too!  But the big question is .. when will this item be back in stock? … Continue reading

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Creating Your Own Trash Bag Dispenser

Chances are, you’d have your trash bags stowed under the kitchen sink. If you can find yourself a nice spot on the kitchen wall near the back door, you can install a paper towel holder on it and rack up … Continue reading

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Glow in the Dark Wall Paint

I’ll bet kids would just love to have their bedroom painted with Glow-in-the-Dark…especially with cartoonie images and icons. … would be lots of fun. But I have other ideas for my bachelor pad … interesting ideas that go beyond the … Continue reading

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Instant Marinating Container

I love to cook and most of the time I take to marinating pork chops or chicken legs with some exotic Chinese mix.  The thing is … you need to have these meat soaked in for some time to let … Continue reading

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Shower Head Takes A Shower!

Next to buying and replacing your shower head is getting it cleaned efficiently and effectively. That good old, reliable white vinegar and baking soda mixed in a large plastic bag where you let your shower head sit overnight will do … Continue reading

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Folding Balcony Table

I live in a condo with a small but cozy balcony that overlooks a nice part of the city. With a few hanging plants, it sort of gives me “ an outdoor feel” when I take my breakfast. This terrace … Continue reading

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It’s Not The Hanging Gardens Of Babylon, But Could Be Close To It

Hanging on a porch, they’d look like natural garden chandeliers with flowers.It’s an imaginative way of making use of those hard-to-throw-away beautiful wine bottles. With a little help from a glass cutter and your friendly iron caster, you can create these conversation piece outdoor décor.

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Personalized Picture Box

I like this! It’s uniquely personal. Given as a present to anybody in the family tells the person how special she or he is to you. Like building blocks, I can choose to make them bigger or divide them into … Continue reading

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Sink roll

What a great, handy idea for the kitchen!  A time-saving Sink Roll … almost takes the wiping and drying chore out of dish washing. It’s sturdy enough to carry the weight of several glasses and plates … soft enough to … Continue reading

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Putting Those Sweaters Into Good Use

Winter’s gone and summer is calling. Infrequently-used sweaters have begun to compete for space in your wardrobe cabinet. You can give them away to your favorite charity … OR … you can get your creative juices flowing and create some … Continue reading

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