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After This, You’ll Have Him Eating Out Of Your Hand!

Wouldn’t you do something like this for man’s best friend? It’s simple enough to do .A nice large piece of wood, preferably a part of a fallen tree trunk, curve 1 or 2 hallows into it and fit in a … Continue reading

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Slide Out Storage Tower

Did you ever find yourself on a hair-pulling frenzy, losing half your wits because everything but everything seems to be just splattered every which way in your home? Don’t kill the kids yet. Here’s how you get your sanity back. … Continue reading

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Keys To Your Wine Cellar

The next time you uncork those wine bottles be a little gentle and save those corks. With colorful key rings screwed into either or both ends of the cork, you would have created a rare key chain that’s light on … Continue reading

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Window/Deck Planter

Specially in country homes that have got wide windows, you’ve got to have some nice window planters. Not only do they help make your home look natural, they also provide you with a morning-fresh, nature-scent when you wake up. Get … Continue reading

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Chef’n Pin Pair Silicone and French Rolling Pin Set

Ask any baker. How the dough is made counts a whole lot in baking. When using a rolling pin, this 2-in-1 rolling pin could spell the difference. Its silicone exterior makes for great cookie and bread dough rollout. Remove the … Continue reading

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Double Wall Beverage Glasses

Here’s a unique set of beverage glasses. It’s design with  double wall, the inner one holding the content in suspension and looking like it’s separated from the outer wall. It’s an engaging sight and should help moms get their kids … Continue reading

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Don’t Throw Out The Kitchen Sink

Here’s a great way for organizing those damp, sometimes-wet things in the kitchen, soaps and rinsing liquids, laundry detergents, kitchen rags and brushes, deodorizers, disinfectants etc. The creative carpenter in you should be able to size up the space under … Continue reading

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Mittens From Your Sweater

When you feel you’ve got an old sweater or two you don’t feel like using … give your designing imagination a try and make mittens out of them. It’s not as hard as it sounds. Just go with the easy-to-do … Continue reading

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Storage Laundry Baskets

Remove cabinet doors and add pretty storage baskets! This square laundry basket is made of hand-woven banana leaf wrapped tightly around a thin but sturdy steel frame. It’s mold and mildew-proof, having been finished with a glossy coating, making it … Continue reading

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Automatic Milk Frother

I have 3 adorable nieces and nephews and they just love foam in their milk. The thing though is that the 2 boys, aged 8 and 6 like their milk hot and the spunky 3 year old princess likes hers … Continue reading

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5-Piece Cast Iron Cookware Set

I am not too sure what it is about cast iron cookware that makes me want to go whip up something in one of the skillets. Maybe it’s because they remind me of old English kitchens with long stretching tables … Continue reading

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DIY Wine Cork Bath Mat

A perfect use for all those corks!   Bring out your corks now and start this cool project. If you dont have corks, go ask the bars and restaurants. Am sure they can give you a lot! Check out how … Continue reading


Christmas Mug Sweater Made of Socks

Get a used sock and fashion it like a mug sweater.  Just  Cut to the length of your coffee or tea mug, bend the bottom inwards and sow it shut. You have completed a simple sweater for your mug. You … Continue reading

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