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Soup And Cracker Ceramic Mugs

Soup and Cracker Ceramic Mugs, (in one easy-to-hold, combo type server) Wow! What will they think of next? Would be perfect for chocolate and chips too!  But the big question is .. when will this item be back in stock? … Continue reading

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Folding Balcony Table

I live in a condo with a small but cozy balcony that overlooks a nice part of the city. With a few hanging plants, it sort of gives me “ an outdoor feel” when I take my breakfast. This terrace … Continue reading

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It’s Not The Hanging Gardens Of Babylon, But Could Be Close To It

Hanging on a porch, they’d look like natural garden chandeliers with flowers.It’s an imaginative way of making use of those hard-to-throw-away beautiful wine bottles. With a little help from a glass cutter and your friendly iron caster, you can create these conversation piece outdoor décor.

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Keys To Your Wine Cellar

The next time you uncork those wine bottles be a little gentle and save those corks. With colorful key rings screwed into either or both ends of the cork, you would have created a rare key chain that’s light on … Continue reading

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Mittens From Your Sweater

When you feel you’ve got an old sweater or two you don’t feel like using … give your designing imagination a try and make mittens out of them. It’s not as hard as it sounds. Just go with the easy-to-do … Continue reading

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DIY Wine Cork Bath Mat

A perfect use for all those corks!   Bring out your corks now and start this cool project. If you dont have corks, go ask the bars and restaurants. Am sure they can give you a lot! Check out how … Continue reading


Christmas Mug Sweater Made of Socks

Get a used sock and fashion it like a mug sweater.  Just  Cut to the length of your coffee or tea mug, bend the bottom inwards and sow it shut. You have completed a simple sweater for your mug. You … Continue reading

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