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Promise Them A Lettuce Garden

Who says you need a farmland to get your veggies? Look at this 3-tiered vertical garden. It’s just big enough to be supplying you with your lettuce and carrots everyday. Depending on your space at home, you can make this … Continue reading

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Creating Your Own Trash Bag Dispenser

Chances are, you’d have your trash bags stowed under the kitchen sink. If you can find yourself a nice spot on the kitchen wall near the back door, you can install a paper towel holder on it and rack up … Continue reading

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Shower Head Takes A Shower!

Next to buying and replacing your shower head is getting it cleaned efficiently and effectively. That good old, reliable white vinegar and baking soda mixed in a large plastic bag where you let your shower head sit overnight will do … Continue reading

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It’s Not The Hanging Gardens Of Babylon, But Could Be Close To It

Hanging on a porch, they’d look like natural garden chandeliers with flowers.It’s an imaginative way of making use of those hard-to-throw-away beautiful wine bottles. With a little help from a glass cutter and your friendly iron caster, you can create these conversation piece outdoor décor.

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Personalized Picture Box

I like this! It’s uniquely personal. Given as a present to anybody in the family tells the person how special she or he is to you. Like building blocks, I can choose to make them bigger or divide them into … Continue reading

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Putting Those Sweaters Into Good Use

Winter’s gone and summer is calling. Infrequently-used sweaters have begun to compete for space in your wardrobe cabinet. You can give them away to your favorite charity … OR … you can get your creative juices flowing and create some … Continue reading

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After This, You’ll Have Him Eating Out Of Your Hand!

Wouldn’t you do something like this for man’s best friend? It’s simple enough to do .A nice large piece of wood, preferably a part of a fallen tree trunk, curve 1 or 2 hallows into it and fit in a … Continue reading

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Keys To Your Wine Cellar

The next time you uncork those wine bottles be a little gentle and save those corks. With colorful key rings screwed into either or both ends of the cork, you would have created a rare key chain that’s light on … Continue reading

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Don’t Throw Out The Kitchen Sink

Here’s a great way for organizing those damp, sometimes-wet things in the kitchen, soaps and rinsing liquids, laundry detergents, kitchen rags and brushes, deodorizers, disinfectants etc. The creative carpenter in you should be able to size up the space under … Continue reading

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Mittens From Your Sweater

When you feel you’ve got an old sweater or two you don’t feel like using … give your designing imagination a try and make mittens out of them. It’s not as hard as it sounds. Just go with the easy-to-do … Continue reading

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How to Organize Your Pantry

Especially for a small kitchen, it will be very difficult to prepare meals if your kitchen is cluttered and unorganized. We would like to  share with you a few tips on how to make a small kitchen space be useful, … Continue reading

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How to Keep Your Kitchen Knives Clean

You use knives for a great many tasks in the kitchen. . Cooking With Your Toaster Oven agrees that well looked after and carefully handled, they make your job easier. Poorly used, they can cause accidents; when not properly cleaned, … Continue reading

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How To Create A Healthy Breakfast Meal

What’s the typical breakfast fare today? The usual breakfast food items aren’t that healthy, as they consist of stuff like toast, pancakes, bacon and eggs, bagels and more.  All of us know that breakfast is important, because it provides us … Continue reading

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