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Creating Your Own Trash Bag Dispenser

Chances are, you’d have your trash bags stowed under the kitchen sink. If you can find yourself a nice spot on the kitchen wall near the back door, you can install a paper towel holder on it and rack up … Continue reading

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Shower Head Takes A Shower!

Next to buying and replacing your shower head is getting it cleaned efficiently and effectively. That good old, reliable white vinegar and baking soda mixed in a large plastic bag where you let your shower head sit overnight will do … Continue reading

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After This, You’ll Have Him Eating Out Of Your Hand!

Wouldn’t you do something like this for man’s best friend? It’s simple enough to do .A nice large piece of wood, preferably a part of a fallen tree trunk, curve 1 or 2 hallows into it and fit in a … Continue reading

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Keys To Your Wine Cellar

The next time you uncork those wine bottles be a little gentle and save those corks. With colorful key rings screwed into either or both ends of the cork, you would have created a rare key chain that’s light on … Continue reading

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