How to Broil Meats in a Toaster Oven

The toaster ovens of today are known for working much like a meat How to Broil Meats in a Toaster Ovenregular oven, since they can toast, bake, defrost and even broil meats. While toaster ovens  are not as large as conventional ovens, they have a cooking area which allows for the placement of one or two pieces of fish, steaks or kebabs one at a time.  The best thing about these of home cooking appliances is that they use less electricity and do not heat up the kitchen, like the large ovens.

Here are a number of easy-to-follow tips on broiling meats in an oven toaster.

Preheat Toaster:

The first step in broiling meats, fish and steaks is pre-heating the toaster oven.  Turn the knob to “Broil”as this will only heat up the oven’s top element, unlike turning the knob to “Toast” or “Bake”, as both the top and bottom elements will heat up. Next, season the meats and put them into the broiler pan.

Place Broiler Pan Inside Toaster:

After seasoning the meats, put them into the broiler pan, and place the pan inside the toaster oven.  Set the oven’s timer based on the meat’s broiling recipe.  Steaks, for example, generally require 7 to 10 minutes of broiling time, on each side of the meat.

Once the oven’s timer sounds, flip the meat to the other side, reset the timer, and open the toaster door once you’ve checked that the food is already cooked, quickly remove the food.


Photo credits: Elise of Simply Recipes

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