How to Keep Your Kitchen Knives Clean

You use knives for a great many tasks in the kitchen. . Cooking Withknives 072710 xlg2 300x164 How to Keep Your Kitchen Knives Clean Your Toaster Oven agrees that well looked after and carefully handled, they make your job easier. Poorly used, they can cause accidents; when not properly cleaned, they can spread harmful bacteria.

Knives must be absolutely clean before you use them. Otherwise the knife will pass on to the food flavors of other foods it has been in contact with.

The second danger is that the harmful bacteria will be spread by the knife. This is very serious if the knife has been in contact with the raw meat, fish or vegetables and is then used for food which has already been cooked, or does not require cooking before serving.

How to clean knives:

cleaning knives How to Keep Your Kitchen Knives CleanOnce you have finished using the knife for a particular task, wash it thoroughly:

  • Do this at the sink, in lots of hot water with an all purpose detergent
  • Rub the blade and handle all over, using nylon brush or cloth—keep your fingers away from the sharp edge of the blade
  • Rinse in very hot water to kill any remaining bacteria
  • Dry with paper towel
  • Do not put knives in dishwashers. The jostling movement can damage the blade and the cutting edge. The chemicals can also cause the pitting of the blades.

 Storing Knives:

When not in use, Cooking With Your Toaster Oven  recommends that you store your knives in a purpose made case, wallet, box, knife block or a magnetic rack. Do not keep knives in a drawer where they will knock together and het damaged edges.

Photo Credits: Whitney Tressel


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