How to Prepare Sandwiches

Sandwiches, like any other food which is served cold provide some sandwich1 300x198 How to Prepare Sandwichesroom for bacteria to grow. That’s why, Cooking with your Toaster Oven notes, that there are strict rules on how long and where sandwiches can be kept.

  • Whether you have a few or many sandwiches to make, you will find it helps to break the task down into stages (example: spreading all the bread, lying out slices which will take the same filling side by side). Use a pallet knife to get an even layer of spreading and take the spreading right through the edges.
  • Salad fillings need to be well dried. Use a salad spinner or lay lettuce leaves between sheets of kitchen paper to absorb remaining water after you have shaken them dry as much as possible.sand2 300x198 How to Prepare Sandwiches
  • For sandwiches that will be cut into two, arrange the filling so that each half has an equal number of slices of egg, a piece of cheese, etc… Consider what the sandwich will look like when cut.
  • When assorted sandwiches are going on a serving dish, arrange them so that the filling can be seen by your guests as thy make their choice.
  • Sandwiches not covered are a hygiene risk. They also dry out. When prepared in advance, they must be covered with an airtight wrapping and kept chilled. Don’t squash the sandwich into its wrapper or you will distort its shape and encourage sogginess. How lone sandwiches can be kept chilled without the quality spoiling depends on the bread and the filling.


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