Breville BOV650 XL – Compact 4-Slice Smart Oven with Element

What’s a toaster oven? According to conventional definition, a breville lasagna Breville BOV650 XL – Compact 4 Slice Smart Oven with Elementtoaster oven’s actually a cross between an oven and a plain bread toaster. The good thing is that while it can warm and toast food, it can also cook other types of food in the same way as a regular oven.  Conventional toaster ovens , on the otherhand, are generally small, hence the amount of food that can be placed and cook is limited.  Users can however, roast meats and vegetables or cook French fries and bake muffins, mini cakes or bread rolls with this machine.

Let‘s unlock the revolutionary features of the Breville BOV650XL Compact 4-Slice Smart Oven.

breville 650 front Breville BOV650 XL – Compact 4 Slice Smart Oven with ElementThe Breville toaster oven boasts of a spacious 0.6 cubic-foot interior cooking space, a patented Element IQ Technology for easy temperature control, a 1-year limited factory warranty, and eight pre-set cooking functions – toast, bagel, reheat, pizza, broil, cookies, and roast. Aside from its user-friendly LCD back-lit display, it has  useful accessories like the 10” x 10” enamel baking pan and enamel broiling rack.

The oven also enables users to choose cooking time and temperature setting, and save the settings.  With its easy temperature conversion, users can quickly toggle between two different temperature settings. It’s innovative color-coded temperature setting feature also allows users to check if food is cooked, or still defrosting.

Pre-Programmed Setting Making It Easy To Operatebreville 650 open toast 150x150 Breville BOV650 XL – Compact 4 Slice Smart Oven with Element

This  Breville smart oven is very easy to operate.  The oven basically takes the complexities out of most basic baking and cooking tasks, since it’s equipped with pre-programmed settings to make it relatively easy to toast bagels or muffins, and even cook pizzas.   It uses a “smart” Element IQ Technology which allows the user to easily dial the power adjustments. With this technology, users can adjust the power settings with a simple twist of a front knob. The oven also has easy eight pre-programmed settings, along with a bright back-lit LCD display that’s so easy to read even if you’re across the room. The LCD display is also color-coded, to allow the user to determine where the oven is during the cooking cycle.

Provides a Truly Even Toast

Compared to an ordinary conventional toaster ovens, the Breville BOV650XL toasts more evenly than most. Users can also watch the bagel or bread and other pastries as they toast, making it easy for anyone to keep an eye for burning. This toaster oven  also compensates for heat buildup whenever you toast multiple items in sequence.

Allows You To Easily Cook Any Type Of Foodbreville 650 pizza Breville BOV650 XL – Compact 4 Slice Smart Oven with Element

Equipped with a very powerful 1800-watt motor, this  Breville toaster oven  allows it to properly cook almost any type of food, from breads to pizzas, poultry and chicken. The unit’s interiors are spacious too, enabling you to place 4 slices of bread, This 4 slice toaster oven  can even accommodate a 12-inch pizza. Many buyers also liked the oven’s intelligent Element IQ Technology, which makes for easy power setting adjustments.

Where I Can Get the Best Price

The Breville smart oven ’s price currently hovers between $170 to $180.  It’s available in most established appliance dealers in the country, and is sold online as well.

Amazon rectangle Breville BOV650 XL – Compact 4 Slice Smart Oven with Element

Consumer Ratings:

  • Amazon :  4.5 stars
  • Epinions: 5.0 stars
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