How to Cook Chicken Using A Toaster Oven

If your home has a relatively small kitchen, it would certainly make sense to have an oven toaster in it. Most toaster oven models are equipped with timers, electronic temperature settings and other helpful high-tech tools, which make them look more like mini-ovens rather than simple toasters.   If you want to cook chicken on an oven toaster, here are some helpful ideas to consider.

How to Cook Chicken in an Oven Toaster chicken How to Cook Chicken Using A Toaster Oven

While a toaster oven may be a bit small for holding a whole chicken, users can still roast chicken parts, as well as cook other tasty chicken recipes here.  Here’s an easy-to-follow mini-oven chicken recipe.

  1.  First, set the unit to “Bake”, and then preheat it to 450 º F.   Next, finely chop a few garlic cloves and a small onion.
  2. Line-up the interiors with foil, place a layer of garlic and onions n the foil. Next, place the chicken on top. Do not, however, pack the tray too closely, and place the chicken parts skin- side up. Sprinkle any remaining garlic and onion pieces between the chicken parts.
  3. Sprinkle the chicken parts with olive oil, and add salt and pepper, as well as drizzle fresh dried herbs on top.
  4. Lower the oven down to 425 º F, and place the chicken inside. Ensure that the chicken does not touch the oven walls.  Cook the chicken for 20 minutes, and baste the chicken with butter, olive oil while it’s cooking.

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